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Update-2/21/13 I have not updated Travis’s medications in a while.  He is on some new stuff so here it goes:

  • Neurontin 1000mg 3 times a day.  This is to help with the facial pain. (Off)
  • Methadone 5mg 2 times a day.  This is to work with the Neurontin for the facial pain. (Off)
  • Trazadone 50mg once a day.  This is to help Travis sleep. (Off)
  • Percocet 5/325 mg take on tablet every 4-6 hours as needed.  This is for his back pain. (Off)
  • Naproxen 500mg take one tablet twice a day.  This is also for back pain. (Off)
  • Cymbalta 120mg 1 time per day. This is to help with depression and pain associated with damaged nerves.
  • Abilify 5mg 1 time per day. This is to help with mood and depression. (Off)
  • Vicodin 500mg. Take as needed for pain, discomfort and severe back pain.

As you can imagine the combination of all of these medications causes Travis to have some mood swings.  It is really hard to find something that can manage Travis’ pain that does not make him a zombie.  This week Travis has an appointment with a pain management clinic so hopefully they can find something that can help him.

Travis’s medication changes from time to time. I really hope that this information is helpful to some of you. I am going to list his current medications.


Neurontin 1000mg-Three times a day (Travis has been taking Neurontin for over a year to help control his nerves from “shooting” in his face. He started with a low dose of Neurontin and over time the strength has been increased.)

Fentanyl 50mcg-Apply one patch to skin and change it every 3rd day (Travis was given this medication after he was hospitalized for his back pain following his second surgery. This medication was prescribed by a pain management doctor to be used in conjunction with other medications to control his back pain.)

**more will be listed soon**


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  • 2 Mack // Jun 2, 2008 at 10:09

    I read your story, I am also a Marine and have gone through surgery and radiation therapy. I would love to write you and Travis an email I just couldn’t find your email address on your blog site.

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