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Filling in some of what has gone on over the last month

May 19th, 2008 · 1 Comment

I feel so guilty that I have not been able to update the website.  We have been really busy with all sorts of things.  Since my last update we have traveled to Stanford, I have been working on finishing my classes; we opened a kiosk, and did a bunch of other stuff.  I just can’t remember right now.


Stanford Trip

We have GREAT NEWS.  We had an appointment with Travis’s neurosurgeon and he believes that the tumor resection and radiation was a success.  Dr. Adler does not think that the tumor will grow back.  We are ecstatic!!! 


My Classes

I am almost down with this semester.  Many times I have felt like giving up.  We just have so much going on.  But I remind myself that I am a role model to Victoria and that the more education I have, the more I can help others.  Those two thoughts keep me on track.


The Kiosk

Many of you know Travis has started www.tntride.com back in October 2005, just a couple of months before he was diagnosed.  Though he has had some progress he has not been able to fully dedicate himself to it because of his illness and treatment.  If you notice some of the pictures just days after his surgery he still continued working.  Anyway, we proudly opened a kiosk on MCAS Miramar in front of the Exchange.  Travis and I are both really proud of this accomplishment.  So far we have spent two weekends there and both ended being a success.  We are going to be there again next weekend too.  I hope that this kiosk will end up supplementing Travis’s income once he retires.


My Employment Situation

Speaking of income I have had a difficult time finding a job.  I applied to a bunch of jobs here.  I turned down one offer because I was almost guaranteed a position with another company.  After months of negotiations and jumping through hoops I was told that the company has a hiring freeze and they will contact me as soon as that changes but they are not sure how long that will be.  It worries me because without that job we will most likely end up moving back to Los Angeles unless something else comes through for Travis or I.  I hate to think about that so I am just taking things day by day.


Something Else Concerning Me

A Schwannoma brain tumor is a VERY VERY RARE type of a tumor.  Recently I was contacted by another wife whose husband also has a Schwannoma and is stationed at MCAS Miramar.  What are the chances of that occurring?  Travis also worked with another Marine who was diagnosed with a brain tumor.  It makes me wonder if there is a link between brain tumors and the military.  I certainly hope not but I am going to do some research and see what I can find.

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  • 1 Linda // Aug 12, 2008 at 20:26

    My ex boyfriend had the same tumor and is stationed at Cherry Point. He really wanted to get in contact with you, so I hope he has already. I read your blog, and my heart breaks. It reminds me of him, and the trials he had to face. I hope there is something we all can do about this.

    Thank you for sharing your heart with us.

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