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The first CyberKnife Radiation treatment

November 8th, 2007 · No Comments

We got a call from Travis’s neurosurgeon.  He explained to us that the reason two treatments are needed is because the residual tumor is very close to Travis’s optic nerve.  To be safe the radiation should be broken up into two treatments.  Travis explained to his neurosurgeon that we could not really come back for the second treatment and the neurosurgeon said that having one treatment on Friday morning and the second treatment on Friday evening would work out fine.

Not an hour later we got a call back from the neurosurgeon.  He asked Travis is he could come in”now” for the first CyberKinfe radiation treatment.  We told him that we would be there in 45 minutes or less, we were still in our pajamas when he called.  So we rushed to get ready.  I was excited because I want this tumor to be done with.  Travis started getting really nervous, even more nervous than he was for his surgeries.  I thought that this was odd.  He told me it was because he did not know what to expect.  On Tuesday we were given a DVD to watch that explained the whole CyberKnife process.  We had not gotten around to watching it yet. I suggested that Travis take one of his Ativans to help him relax.

Radiation Therapy SignCyberKnife Signwaiting for radiation

By the time that we got to the hospital the Ativan had kicked in.  Travis was much more relaxed.  Travis was told to lie on the bed of the CyberKnife machine and they fitted the mask over his face.  He was given instructions to stay as still as possible and that if he needed to move (to sneeze, cough, or because he back got sore) to raise his hand and they would stop the treatment and help him.  I took a quick picture of Travis and then let the machine do it’s magic.

about to be radiated

About an hour later Travis walked into the waiting room.  He looked like the same guy that I left on the table.  He said that he hardly remembered the experience.  He dozed off for the entire hour but was woken once when a technician offered to put on some music for him.

The first radiation treatment has been completed.  Now we have one more tomorrow.  I will try and get a couple more pictures tomorrow.

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