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CT Scan, Good News, Long Day

November 7th, 2007 · No Comments

Today started early.  Travis had a CT Scan at 7:15am.  He took an Ativan before the appointment so that he could be relaxed.  We arrived at the Radiation Therapy unit and checked in.  They took us back into an area where they introduced their selves, took a picture of Travis for identification purposes, and started at IV. 


The IV went in smoothly and Travis waited on the gurney for his turn.  They wheeled him in a room that had the CT machine.  They positioned him on the bed and made the custom mask which will be used to keep his head in place when he gets his radiation on Friday.  When they attempted to administer the contract for the CT Scan there were some complication with the IV.  Luckily the Ativan was working and Travis was pretty calm.  The CT Scan took less than 5 minutes.  After the scan they wheeled as back to a waiting area so that we could wait for Travis’s MRI. 

CT Scan

Dr. Adler (Travis’s neurosurgeon) came by to tell us that there was a “slight problem”.  They were not able to see Travis’s tumor on the CT Scan.  What a sigh of relief.  This does not guarantee that the tumor is gone forever.  What it does tell us is that it did not quickly grow back.  Dr. Adler said that he knew that he got a lot of the tumor out but it appears that the residual is smaller than he expected it to be. 

I will take this great news as an early Christmas gift.  Even though the appointment yesterday went well there was still a little bit of doubt in my mind.  The picture (CT/MRI) does not lie.  There was a chance that the tumor could have grown back like last time.  The fact that the tumor was not seen on today’s scan is a great sign. 

As we waited in the Radiation Therapy unit we had interaction with a lot of different doctors, nurses and Stanford associates.  It is rare when you come across ONE caring person in a day.  In this unit and the entire hospital EVERYONE here is so caring.  It means so much to be in such a comforting environment when you are dealing with medical hurdles.  The majority of life you are a number everywhere you go.  In a classroom, at the bank, at a restaurant, but here, they really make you feel like they care about you. 

Travis went on to have an MRI.  After the MRI we were instructed to return to the Radiation Therapy Unit.  When we returned we were told that they would call us to confirm the radiation appointment for Friday.  After a long day we were ready to go back to the hotel so that we could rest.

I will update again soon.

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