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Traveling, Radiation, and our place is falling apart :)

October 31st, 2007 · No Comments

You would think that because my husband has a brain tumor we should get a “free pass” for everything else in life.  Too bad that is not the case.  A few days before we left for Indiana our washing machine broke.  We went to Indiana for four days were back in San Diego for one night and then had to evacuate (to Los Angeles) for a week due to the wild fires.  So now we are back home in San Diego.  Our place is a mess from the evacuating and traveling.  Luckily our washing machine got fixed before we left for Indiana but we came home to a broken refrigerator.  The manager said we should get a new refrigerator in a day or so, possibly even tonight.  I will keep my fingers crossed.

So to sum it up in the last three weeks we had a broken washing machine, broken refrigerator, and had to evacuate because of the fires just a day after we got back from Indiana. 

In less than a week we are getting on a plane again and flying up north to Stanford.  Travis is getting radiated.  I am happy that we have made it this far but the radiation is just a step in this process.  Only time will tell if the tumor is dead.  The radiation is an attempt to stop the growth of the tumor and to kill what is left after the surgery he had in July.  We will not know how effective the radiation is until months have passed.  Even if the radiation does it’s job Travis will still have to get frequent MRIs to confirm that the tumor has not grown.  Best case scenario would be for the tumor to die and Travis to only have to worry about his healing.

Travis’s healing is wearing on us.  He still has not driven since before his surgery.  His left eye is still “wonky”, he still feels ill, and his back is still in pain.  There is still a of recovery ahead of him.

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