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One of Those Days…..

September 19th, 2007 · No Comments

Since last week Travis has not been feeling too well.  He describes to me that there is a lot of “tingling” and pain on the left side of his face, he has had many headaches, and he has been worn out.  He goes through these stages.

Some days you would never know anything was wrong with him, especially if he was wearing his hat and glasses.  Then there are other days; days that usually start off in pain.  A day like this usually starts when he wakes up with a headache.  He will spend most of the day sleeping because the pain exhausts him.  Seeing him like this makes me sad.  I hate it when I cannot help to make him feel better. 

Travis is still wearing the Duragesic pain patch for his back pain and he takes his Neurontin daily but he normally does not use any other pain medication.  He has Vicodin, Oxycontin, and Motrin prescribed by doctors but as strong as they may seem they usually do not help with his headaches.  Sometimes he uses Excedrin Migraine and he seems to get better results from the Excedrin than the prescribed medications.

On Sunday it was Travis’s 11 year anniversary in the Marine Corps.  Victoria and I were so excited, probably more than he was.  We like to celebrate this day because we are very proud of his hard work, sacrifices, and dedication to our country.  We had planned to go out to dinner and miniature golfing (Travis’s request).  Victoria and I woke up early and made him cookies and breakfast.  Victoria also made him a special card.  But on Sunday Travis woke up and did not feel well.  He spent the day in bed so we had to cancel our plans.

Travis woke up Monday and felt better.  He was well enough to go with me to take Victoria to her tumbling class.  He woke up Tuesday and had another good day.  Now it is Wednesday and he woke up with a headache again.  I took Tori to school and I suggested he go back to sleep.  I am hoping that he will wake up a little later feeling better.  I have a lot to do today and I think that I will still be able to run my errands. 

Seeing Travis on days like this kind of get me down but what I tell myself is that the reason that he is in pain and is so tired is because his body is fighting so hard against the tumor.  I really hope this is the case.  I try and think positive about our situation.

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