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His nose is like an ice cube.

September 11th, 2007 · 4 Comments

Ice cube

 Now I know that this is going to sound funny but Travis’s nose feels like an ice cube.  Not just right now, but ever since he had his first surgery.  If I touch his nose it is freezing and it kind of feels wet.  I think it is due to nerve damage.  It also runs a lot but just out of the left nostril.  He has a heightened sense of smell and the skin on his nose is normal colored so it is not dead but something is going on with it.

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  • 1 Juliet // Sep 12, 2007 at 08:38

    did the dr say this was normal?

  • 2 mrs.ladyking // Sep 12, 2007 at 20:05

    Pretty much everything is normal when it comes to nerve damage. It is hard to say what is permanent and what can possibly improve. Only time will tell.

  • 3 Dee // Apr 11, 2009 at 19:43

    Please tell me if it goes away! I have been dealing with this for 5 months. It is freezing and feels like frostbite with chronic pain. I was hit in the face and thought it would eventually go away. I can’t function when it feels like this and it is usually 3-4 days a week. Please respond. I thought I was the only one dealing with this.

  • 4 mrs.ladyking // Apr 22, 2009 at 22:31

    Unfortunately his facial pain has not gone away. He has had minimal pain relief with medication. He was prescribed Neurontin to help with the pain. He is currently taking 1000mg three times a day. Even with the medication the pain, coldness, and numbness is still there. He is going to see a new pain management doctor soon so hopefully he can try something new. I will post an update about his facial issues if his current condition changes.

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