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How has he been doing?

September 4th, 2007 · No Comments

  • Travis’s nose runs and because his nose and upper lip is numb he can’t feel it.  If I notice it I let him know so that he can wipe his nose but if I miss it he finds out when his nose runs into his mouth. 
  • Travis’s forehead is still paralyzed on the left side.  When he tries to raise his eyebrows only is right eyebrow raises.
  • Travis’s left eye is pointed in towards his nose.  I think that it may be straightening out a little bit but it is still clearly pointed inward.
  • Travis’s left eye is numb.  It is hard for him to feel it.  Sometimes when he looks at it in the mirror it is bloodshot so I put Visine eye drops in it.
  • Travis’s left eyelid is still swollen and he keeps is shut most of the time.
  • The left side of Travis’s face is still pretty numb.  If I touch his forehead on the left side he can’t feel it.  Under his left eye and on his left cheek he is still getting shooting pains and odd nerve sensations.  His nose is pretty much numb. 
  • Any time Travis eats something he gets a sharp sensation in his mouth. This especially happens when he eats something really sour or sweet such as lemonade.
  • Travis’s back is still in pain.  He is still wearing his pain patches.  When it is time to change the patch Travis waits a bit to see if he does not need the patch.  The pain breaks through so we know that the blood collection is still in his lower back.
  • Because Travis’s left eye is still not back to normal he has not driven since before his surgery.  If he needed to drive then he probably could.  Because I am home with him I have been doing all of the driving because we feel it is safer for him to stay off the road.

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