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August 26th, 2007 · 1 Comment

Over a year ago he was diagnosed with a Schwannoma tumor. He was in perfect health otherwise and we were completely shocked when the doctors told us that he had a “brain tumor.” We were told that he needed surgery so we followed the doctors’ recommendation. He had an 11 hour surgery and a long and painful recovery. We spent the next few months going to countless doctor appointments.

Less than a year after his surgery he was told that the tumor grew back and was even larger than the original tumor.

His original doctors were unsure with how to treat him so we started researching his condition. He emailed numerous neurosurgeons. He found one that had a lot of experience with the particular tumor that he has. We then made phone calls and met with people at the hospital to discuss the possibility of a second opinion. We explained our reason for wanting the second opinion and a few days later we were informed that the request was approved. Arrangements were made and we traveled up north to meet with this renowned doctor.

The doctor’s many years of experience and confidence that he could treat his condition gave us so much hope. We returned home, made some more phone calls, met with more people and then we got the call. His treatment by this renowned doctor was approved.
We spent the next weeks planning for the trip. Now it is a few days away and we are almost ready to go.

This is our story…..COMING SOON

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    Hey this is cool! We have a lot of work to do. =)

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